ART BY:Cassandra Gutiérrez Oosthuysen.

Mexico City

Photography is my hobby, whilst drawing is my profession. I am an architect student.

TOOLS OF TRADE: Canon Rebel EOS K2, Canon FTb


ERRR Magazine:

No. 11 (April-May 2011): Two photographs of the series “Erika” across two pages.

No. 14 (October-November 2011): Four photographs of Oaxaca across four pages.

Coordinación Editorial F.A. (Faculty of Architecture, UNAM):

May 2012: Cover photograph for Bitácora (No. 24), the Faculty of Architecture’s magazine.

Editorial graphic design and photography for the new magazine “b”

Cover photograph for an article and the author’s photographs for the book “Paisaje” of the series of books “Textos FA”

On two occasions to illustrate articles:

“Praxis y folclor. Recorrido: los peces de la Magdalena Mixhuca”

“La explanada, el estadio. Seis pasos por la UNAM”

Generador de fotos 1 x 1

January the 5th


Collective photography exposition: GENERACIÓN 2

Galería ADM

28/2/2013 - 14/3/2013